hosts its first annual Festival for Balkan filmmakers. The Festival will be conducted online and is open to anyone up to the age of 35 years old who is from  Albania, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Greece, Montenegro, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia, The Former Republic of Macedonia and Turkey.
Submissions are limited to 360 minutes and they will be accepted on “a first-come, first-served” basis until a total of 360 minutes of film has been submitted.
Films must have English subtitles and should not exceed 15 minutes.
Prizes will be awarded based on the public voting conducted through the Festival website,
The audience will have the opportunity to choose the winners by voting online. Put your best critique forward as the best all-around critic will receive “The Jury’s Best Critique Award”.
Prizes range from full-tuition for a three-year film-making degree, courtesy of AMC Metropolitan College to production equipment and a range of film-making services.
The Festival will close with an awards ceremony at Greek Film Archive and will be presented online with English subtitles.
Submissions will be open until September 7th and is online only! Full details and rules are posted online at the Festival website. Watch this space for more information.
altcineAction! could open the door to Balkan co-productions for short films. All services are available to filmmakers from any Balkan state.
Like us at www.facebook.altcineaction  Follow us

Twenty-two feature and short narrative and documentary films, a screenwriting master class, and a tribute to the late director Theo Angelopoulos—as well as gala opening and closing nights and the annual Orpheus Awards ceremony—aimed at “Defeating the Crisis Through The Viewfinder” May 31 – June 3rd, 2012. “There is no more timely reflection of Greece’s struggles than the one offered by its burgeoning cinema,” stated Ersi Danou, Co-Founder/Artistic Director, when announcing the theme for this the 2012 event:  “Defeating the Crisis Through the Viewfinder.”  “A new generation of filmmakers has begun to question the current state of things as well as to express an urge to evolve as artists and human beings.  These filmmakers make films out of nothing, powered by their passion to make their stories – however small – known.”

Opening Night, May 31st, Egyptian Theatre, Hollywood

LAGFF will kick-off May 31st at Hollywood’s historic Egyptian Theatre with the gala red carpet world premiere of A Green Story, the triumphant true tale of Van Vlahakis—a Greek immigrant who arrived in America with only $22 in his pocket but eventually founded the multimillion dollar Green company, Earth Friendly Products.  After the screening, filmgoers will party with the stars under the stars as they look forward to three more action packed days and nights.  A Green Story stars Ed O’Ross, Shannon Elizabeth, Annabella Sciorra, George Finn, Malcolm McDowell, Billy Zane, Louis Mandylor, Debbie Matenopoulos and Alessandra Toressani.

“It is truly an honor that Los Angeles Greek Film Festival has chosen our movie for their gala red carpet opening night,” said A Green Story writer/director Nika Agiashvili.  “We felt that if we were going to tell the story of Van Vlahakis, we needed to tell it in the most authentic way possible.  When we started in pre-production, we were committed to not only shooting in Greece, but also casting Greek actors.  To be able to shoot in such an historic location like Athens is a dream for me as a filmmaker, and provides authenticity about the beginnings of Mr. Vlahakis’s amazing and inspirational life, a life that is truly having a transformational effect on the planet.”

Friday, June 1st, Linwood Dunn Theater, Hollywood

Friday, June 1st, LAGFF moves to its main venue, the Linwood Dunn Theater (with free off-street parking) on the campus of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences’ Pickford Center for Motion Picture Study, also in the heart of Hollywood.  From 1:00 until 5:00 p.m. Professor Michael Economou will present an intense, structured overview geared towards screenwriters of the advanced level course he teaches at the USC School of Cinema. This class is specifically designed for writers who have basic knowledge of screenwriting who have written or in the process of writing at least one screenplay.

At 5:45 p.m., two short films will precede the documentary Raw Material (Proti Yli) from director Hristos Karakepelis, which examines a group of illegal gypsy immigrants who don’t live by the norms or speak the Greek language, and gather garbage and recycle Athens’ material in an attempt to improve their lives.  In the U.S. premiere of Dad, Lenin and Freddy (O Babas mou, o Lenin, and Freddy) (set in the 1980’s) from director Rinio Dragasaki, a nine-year-old girl in Athens gradually loses touch with her workaholic communist father.  In Yorgos Zois’s  Casus Belli, urban life is seen through the lonesome journey of a loaded shopping cart.

At 8:30 p.m. on June 1st, writer/director Anthony Maras takes us to 1974 Cyprus in his short film The Palace, in which a conscript soldier comes face to face with a family in hiding and must confront the brutal reality of war and his role in it.  Next, the feature film Tungsten from writer/director Giorgos Georgopoulos tells the stories of three men living in crisis-ridden Athens within a single day, revealing a world in havoc where victims become villains and vice versa.

Saturday, June 2nd, Linwood Dunn Theater, Hollywood

On Saturday, June 2nd, industry insiders will convene a panel discussion entitled Representation in Hollywood for want-to-be insiders.  As in past years, the panel discussion should prove to be most popular. The event will be followed by a networking opportunity over light brunch.

The afternoon screenings begin at 12:00 p.m. with the Los Angeles premiere of the short film from writer/director/producer Yiorgos Fourtounis, entitled Face Down (Pistoma), in which we learn that in a dog-eat-dog world, there is no place for affection; paired with director/producer Ruggero Dipaola’s feature Apartment in Athens (Appartamento ad Atene). Set against a backdrop of the German occupation of Greece in 1943, this drama introduces us to an Athenian family who undergoes a profound change when their apartment is commandeered by an exacting German officer with an inscrutable attitude.

The U.S. premiere of director Evris Papanikolas’s short film Just a Perfect Day—in which the world goes awry on a serene day —will kick off the 2:45 p.m. program.  Next, the U.S. premiere of the drama Wasted Youth from director Argyris Papadimitropoulos takes us to Athens on a blazing hot day on which a teenage skateboarder sets out for an aimless day with his friends; a middle-aged policeman struggles to make ends meet; and a simple twist of fate disrupts the course of their actions.

The 5:15 p.m. program lightens up a bit with Abariza, the short film from director Elena Dimitrakopoulou, in which an elderly couple plans their grand escape from a senior home. This is followed by the U.S. premiere of director Georgios Papaionnaou’s comedy Super Demetrios.  Posing as a journalist for the Golden Jerusalem magazine, Thessaloniki’s very own superhero, Super Demetrios, is the only person who can save the city from its worst nightmare, Captain F. ROM.

F**k, R.E. Rodgers’s short film starring Sam Rockwell, Christopher Meloni, Bob Balaban, Mariska Hargitay and Bobby Cannavale opens the 8:30 p.m. program.  In the film, characters will do anything to find “the location.” Next, the L.A. premiere of director Filippos Tsitos feature Unfair World, which begins with a disenchanted policeman’s decision to follow his own sense of justice.  A series of unlike events, fluctuating from tragedy to comedy, culminate in an equally surprising outcome.

Saturday, June 2nd, Egyptian Theatre, Spielberg

Providing an option for festival goers, the 5:30 p.m. program kicks off with the world premiere of director Yeesum Lo and writer/producer Dorothea Paschalidou’s short film Intersection, in which a father and son walk different paths, but life brings them back together. The U.S. premiere of writer/producer/director Dimitri Athanitis’ Three Days of Happiness (Tris Meres Eftihias) follows, in which a Russian immigrant sells her body hoping to earn money to leave Greece, a university student struggles to overcome personal tragedy, and a woman doubting her decision to get married, cross paths while pursuing happiness.

Kicking off the 7:30 p.m. program, the world premiere of writer/director Constantinos Isaias’s short film Sacred Whispers, in which, suppressed by his religious mother, a young man strives for salvation from his demons in a racist 1940’s society.  Next, the U.S. premiere of Riders of Pylos (Ippeis tis Pylou) from writer/director Nikos Kalogeropoulos, in which a middle-aged, poverty stricken actor flees Athens to escape his creditors and travels to the heart of historic Messinia, finding refuge in Polypylon, a decrepit castle. While exploring the wild countryside, he meets Democracy, and becomes desperate to win the heart.

Sunday, June 3rd, Linwood Dunn Theater

The final day, Sunday, June 3rd kicks off at 10:00 a.m. with a tribute to the late, great, Greek film director Theo Angelopoulos featuring a panel discussion moderated by Fred Linch, Arizona State University film professor, who will present a variety of film clips to demonstrate the famed filmmakers unique visual and musical style. At 11:30 a.m., there will be a retrospective screening of Angelopoulos’s classic film, Ulysses’ Gaze.

Pete Stamatelatos’ short film Sun Don’t Shine for Us will launch the 3:30 p.m. program with its world premiere in which a Greek immigrant mother’s hopes and dreams for her family collapse when her son enters the world of drug addiction. The moving, bitter-sweet documentary feature from director Tony Asimakopoulos comes after the short. The only son of Greek-Canadian immigrants who faces his complicated relationship with his overbearing mother and ailing father, and the patterns of dysfunction they share, in Fortunate Son.

Closing night festivities launch with a VIP reception at 5:30 p.m., during which film buffs will undoubtedly be buzzing about the festival lineup.  Kicking off the closing night program with a very strong Japanese connection, at 6:30 p.m., is the U.S. premiere of the animated short film from director Panagiotis Rappas, Fountain of Youth, a tale of an elderly woodcutter who stumbles upon the fountain of youth in a mountain forest of Japan.  Next, the L.A. premiere of Nikos Dayandas’s powerful documentary, Sayome.  After 35 years of living in Crete, happily married to a Greek sailor and raising her two sons, Sayome hears news of her mother’s death and returns to her native Japan to reunite with her estranged family.

For the grand finale of the 2012 Los Angeles Greek Film Festival, Consul General of Greece Elisabeth Fotiadou is opening her home exclusively for LAGFF Gold Pass holders for the presentation of the prestigious Orpheus Awards, and gala closing night party. Guests will enjoy a pleasant atmosphere under the stars while tasting Greek delicacies.

“As every year, I am looking forward to those wonderful days in the beginning of summer when we all take our seats in front of the big screen and we get transported to the Greece we love and care about,” expressed Consul General Fotiadou.  “As our country is going through one of the most difficult times of its recent history, the new Greek films are more intriguing and inspirational.  We look forward to welcoming you to opening night on May 31st.” 

The 2012 LAGFF Gold Pass includes tickets and advance entrance to all films, panels and programs; the opening gala red carpet premiere of A Green Story, with after party; closing night champagne receptions; a deluxe program book; free parking at the Linwood Dunn Theater; and, of course, the must-have ticket to the exclusive Orpheus Awards party at the Consul General’s home.  In the face of the global economic crisis hitting Greece, the cost of the 2012 LAGFF Gold Pass has been reduced by $100 (33%) to only $200, but must be purchased online in advance.  To purchase a Gold Pass or individual tickets, and for more information, visit

Friends and fans worldwide are encouraged to follow the Los Angeles Greek Film Festival at, and at  


Last night, the director Theo Angelopoulos was killed in a tragic accident, while he was shooting his new film entitled “The Other Sea”. The director was run down by a motorbike in the regional road of Keratsini, Piraeus. His wife was to his side from the first moment. The unlucky director fought for this life in the intensive care unit of the Metropolitan Hospital, having suffered serious head injuries. As announced by the director of the clinical surgery, Mr. Evangelos Chatzigiannakis, the team of doctors did everything within their powers to keep Theodoros Angelopoulos alive.  We continued our efforts nevertheless though it was trauma patient. " Early in the evening, at the hospital arrived the Deputy Foreign Minister Dimitris Dollis and the chairman of Port of Piraious George Anomeritis.

{mosimage}Under the joint Patronage of the Ministry of Culture of Lebanon and the Embassy of Greece in Beirut, the 4th Greek Film Festival will be launched, on Friday October 14th 2011. Organized by the League of Lebanese Graduates from Greek Universities (LLGGU), in collaboration with the Greek Film Center (GFC), it will last until Sunday October 16th, 2011 at “Cinema Metropolis Empire, Sofil”. Free Entrance - Tickets provided at the venue.

This year, the movies selected embrace different genres: social, historical, drama and comedy to meet the tastes of different viewers. Inspired by real life issues they unveil to the Lebanese public the struggle of a woman for life in dignity (Price of Love), the tragedy of two brothers torn apart by the Greek civil war (With Heart and Soul), the comic adventures of a man who was awarded the “Guinness” prize of unluckiness, the very realistic message delivered by “Casus Belli” (If one man falls, we all fall down) and more... Most movies are prize winners at various festivals in Greece and the world.

The program comprises three short and three full-length films, subtitled in English or French, and is scheduled as follows:

Friday,October 14th
20:15 Casus Belli by Yorgos Zois (2009, 11 min)
20:30 With Heart and Soul by Pantelis Voulgaris (2009, 141 min)

Saturday,October 15th
20:15 Pyramids of Athens by Yolanda Markopoulou (2010, 14 min)
20:35 Guinness by Alexis Kardaras (2008, 94 min)

Sunday,October 16th
18:00  Casus Belli by Yorgos Zois (2009, 11 min)
18:15  Pyramids of Athens by Yolanda Markopoulou (2010, 14 min)
18:35  N’ Me for myself by Georgis Grigorakis (2009, 20 min)
19:00  The Price of Love byTonia Marketaki  (1984, 110 min)
21:00  Guinness by Alexis Kardaras (2008, 94 min)


{mosimage}The 6th International Film Festival of Cyprus, one of the most important festivals for emerging artists is here. The 6th edition of the festival is in cooperation with the University of Nicosia and The Friends of Cinema Society. The excitement, the emotion and the passion for the art of cinema come together once again in the most beautiful Mediterranean island. Entries from 98 countries for 10 categories, that exceed the compatibility of the usual festivals, will compete for the "Golden Aphrodite" award. In these categories we meet feature and short length films, animation, films about dance, films for teens and children, anti-war films and visualized poetry giving step in emerging filmmakers in particular. Among those movies two Cypriot feature films make their world premiere at this Festival. "Dinner with my sisters" by Michael Hapeshis and "Paramnesia" by Eleftherios Kakathymis.

Three Greek films compete for the Golden Aphrodite Award:
12/10, 21:15 "The lonesome lobster" by George Bakollas (International premiere)
1/10, 21:00 "Tungsten" by George Georgopoulos
8/10, 21:15 "Salvation" by Jason Tzavelas (International Premiere) - Director's presence

Followed by the Greek short films:

30/09, 20:15 “Resurrection” by Michael Hapeshis - Director's presence
2/10, 11:00 "A letter - A story" (animation) by Aristarchos Papadaniel (International Premiere) – Director's presence
2/10, 11:50 "Struthio" (animation) by Alexis Chaviaras (World premiere) – Director's presence
5/10, 19:45 "The Dog" by Nick Labot
5/12, 20:00 "In two minutes' by Michael Lygkiaris
5/12, 20:05 "7 / 3" by Michael Ligkiaris (World Premiere)
5/10, 20:30 "Double Fault" by Elina Fessa
5/10, 20:45 "Parathyro sto Oniro" by Pantelis Kalantzis (World premiere)
9/10, 11:00 "Beachless" (animation) by Panagiotis Tsibiridou (International premiere)
9/10, 11:05 "Human nature" (animation) by Nassos Vakalis
9/10, 11:50 “Best Present Ever” (animation) by Krystal Georgiou
15/10, 20:15 "Ithaca" by Constantine Papathanasiou (European Premiere)
13/10, 19:10 "De architecrura" by Constantine Stragalinou
12/10 19:00 "Sleeper" by Andreas Anestis
12/10 19:05 "Rewind" by Andreas Anestis
12/10, 19:10 "Remnant" by Thanos Kermitsis
12/10, 19:25 "Troglodytes" by Thanos Kermitsis  - Director's presence
12/10, 19:50 "Someone" by Liza Apostolopoulou (International premiere)
12/10, 20:45 “September” by Agis Paikos -  Director's presence
14/10, 20:10 “The joy to mold you…” by Stavri Kalopetridou - Director's presence
15/10, 21:00 “Just a perfect day” by Evris Papanikolas

Freshness and renewal waves by young artists are meeting the prestige and artistic recognition of this year's jury (CYIFF’s GOT TALENT – first short films). On October 15 at 10:00 to 13:00 at CINE STUDIO will be an open discussion panel with directors, journalists and public.On October 16 at the Pallas CinemaTheatre the multiaward-winning Greek actress Anna Synodinou, Cypriot filmmaker and producer Nicholas Demetriou, award-winning composer Maro Theodorakis, winning Indian producer Vivek Singhania and Van Papadopoulos program coordinator Cannes Classic, are invited to judge this year's contestants and  award the winners. The "Golden Aphrodite" awards ceremony will host the Cypriot actress Olga Vanessa Aristodemou who excels in England and Hollywood. At the ceremony, the audience will have the chance to watch amazing dance performances presented by Stavri Kalopetrides and Fibre Perfroming Arts Company, and also a fascinating music program (gospel, jazz, cinema music) performed by the University of Nicosia chorus, under the conduction of Solon Cladas. Info: 0035799798112 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Cine Studio, University of Nicosia, Engomi, Nicosia - Cyprus



{mosimage}The European Film Academy announced the titles of 45 films that will be nominated for this year's European Film Awards 2011. Included is the Greek film Attenberg of Athena Tsagari. The film has already participated in many major festivals worldwide and has received important awards. It was the first Greek film in a program hosted by the top U.S. independent film festival Sundance. Also recently was announced the selection of the film at the final trio for the Lux Prize awarded annually by European Parliament.
Overall the awards represented 32 European countries, which for the organizers, shows the great diversity of European cinema. In the coming weeks, 2,500 members of the European Film Academy will vote on the nominations at various award categories. The finalists will be announced on November 5 at the European Film Festival in Seville. The 24th edition of the European Film Awards in Berlin on 3 December and will be televised live on
For more information about the movies:

{mosimage}Greek Film Fest Chicago! celebrating Hellenic StoryTelling, has announced a call for entries for the upcoming festival, to take place September 29 – October 2, 2011. Short- and feature-length entries produced within the last five years by international filmmakers of Greek descent are now being accepted for admission. Films about Greece and/or Hellenism by non-Greek filmmakers will also be considered.
The film festival is a movement begun in early 2011 by the group FilmHellenes, with a mission to showcase Greek films in the Chicago and surrounding communities by embracing Greek filmmakers worldwide. The festival will include selections of recent narrative features, documentaries, shorts and animation, along with thematic discussions; promote the Greek language and the ecumenical humane values of Hellenic heritage within the Greek community and beyond; inspire the newer and older generations of Greek-Americans and reunite them with Greek
speech heard as it is spoken today, through the cinema; synergize with, and support other Greek organizations in the Chicago area; and support the universal values of freedom of expression and thought that are fundamental to good cinema.
The board of the not-for-profit (pending) FilmHellenes is comprised of notable individuals of Hellenic descent with considerable experience in film and the humanities. They include president and co-founder, filmmaker Niko Franghias, writer-director of EmberFrames; vice president and co-founder, DePaul associate professor Alex Papadopoulos; secretary/treasurer Terry Jacobs of EmberFrames; Dino Vlahakis, owner of the Pickwick Theatre in Park Ridge, Ill; Zoe Iltsopoulos Borys, Fletcher Cameras’ general manager; director’s rep and producer Valerie Gobos; Tom Tzouras, historian at the National Hellenic Museum; Professor Zizi Papacharissi, head of the University of Illinois/Chicago Communications Department; Daily Frappe co-founder/marketing director, Kyriakos Mellos; banker Dimitris Kostopoulos, also a Greek language teacher at the Hellenic American Academy; Art Andros, architect and City of Chicago project manager; Takis Theotokatos, director of cultural programming at the Hellenic American Academy; and Peter Kanelos, assistant professor of theatre at Loyola University Chicago.

For consideration, films should fit under one of four categories:
Hellenic Current (recent narrative features, short subjects, animation, feature and short length documentaries)
Flashes of History (historical documentaries)
Young Ambition (student entries) 
Incredible Adventures (films for children).
A special program category, Chrysotheke, (by festival invitation only) will be saluting films that are putting Greece on the map.

Deadline for submissions for the 1st Greek Film Fest Chicago! is August 1. For complete
submission guidelines and entry forms, please visit or e-mail
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

{mosimage}Los Angeles Greek Film Festival (LAGFF) has announced the 2011 line-up of films for its 5th annual Festival, which runs June 9-12 at the Laemmle's Sunset 5 in West Hollywood. Seven feature films, five documentaries and nine shorts, including three world premieres, ten US premieres and eight  LA premieres will be presented during the 4-day Festival. The Festival has also added an industry panel “Crossing Borders: Foreign Films in Hollywood” to the schedule this year.
"This year's films represent all facets of Greek life ¬– humor, music, wine, erotica, and family... with a twist!  Los Angeles audiences will not be disappointed," says Ersi Danou, LAGFF co-founder.
"The growing Greek film community is rapidly proving itself a formidable source of truly groundbreaking cinema and I am proud to help bring these incredible works to the Los Angeles screen." states Owen Ward, Director of Programming.
Opening night gala will showcase Lea Binzer's  documentary PELICAN'S WATCH about a small community of elders on the island of Santorini charged with the unique duty to preserve the traditions of vine-growing and winemaking in the face of changing times that threaten their ancient and world-renowned art. The screening will be followed by a reception featuring some of the top Greek wines.  Santorini winemakers and the filmmakers are expected to attend. On Friday June 10, LAGFF presents the US premiere of Roy Sher's MY SWEET CANARY, a documentary that recounts the story of Roza Eskenazy, the Diva of Rebetiko or “Greek Blues," whose music shaped the soundtrack of Greece and Asia Minor for almost a century.
The Festival organizers are thrilled to present the Los Angeles premiere of the critically acclaimed drama/comedy A WOMAN'S WAY (STRELLA) produced and directed by Panos Koutras, written by Panajotis Evangelidis and Panos Koutras, starring Mina Orfanou, Yanis Kokiasmenos and Minos Theoharis ¬– a daring film about the relationship of newly released convict Yorgos and the matriarchal transsexual Strella. The film will be shown Saturday evening June 11, at 9:30 pm.

In addition, LAGFF is proud to present the US premiere of Yannis Economides' fearless and artful KNIFER, top winner of the Hellenic Film Academy awards, a story set against the milieu of a decaying middle class where right and wrong seem interchangeable.
The legendary music composer Mikis Theodorakis will be presented with a Honorary Orpheus Award during the awards ceremony on Sunday, June 12, at the Writers Guild Theatre. The award acknowledges his body of work in the world of music and contribution to world cinema with scores for milestone films such as Z, SERPICO, STATE OF SIEGE, and ZORBA THE GREEK. Accepting the Orpheus on his behalf will be Asteris Koutoulas, a longtime collaborator as well as the director of the featured documentary MIKIS THEODORAKIS, COMPOSER, which will be shown on Saturday, June 11.
The Festival comes to a close Sunday, June 12 at the Writers Guild Theater in Beverly Hills with a Gala event and world premiere of BURNING HEADS (To Gala), directed by Giorgos Siougas, screenplay by Vassilis Katsikonouris with the collaboration of Nikos Vouteniotis, produced by Christos Konstadakopoulos, Manos Krezias, Kostas Labropoulos, Dionisis Samiotis, with  Promitheas Aliferopoulos, Ionna Tsirigouli, Omiros Poulakis, Iro Bezou, and Demitris Mavros. This poignant story, based on the Greek play  To Gala by Katsikonouris is a hardcore look at immigration and resulting family dynamics in Greece today.  When Russian immigrant Adonis introduces his bride-to-be to his mother and schizophrenic brother, deep-rooted rifts within their family explode as Adonis seeks to ease his guilt and his mother tries to restore the bond their family once knew in their long-lost homeland.

Immediately preceding the feature LAGFF will host its closing night Orpheus Awards ceremony, hosted by comedian Angelo Tsarouchas. The evening ends with sumptuous Mediterranean food reception. The reception, to be sponsored   by world-renowned Greek-owned Earth Friendly Products, will be green-themed in support of green action in Greece and around the world.
Co-founder Angeliki Giannakopoulos adds, "We are also pleased to expand the festival beyond the Greek borders to address the changes that are happening within the independent film distribution arena as a whole.  We have added the ‘Crossing Borders:  Foreign Films in Hollywood’ panel with experts who are able to address new avenues outside the traditional route." 

Special Industry Panel
Crossing Borders: Foreign Films in Hollywood
The age of global interconnectedness is shaping the ways films are made, distributed and exhibited in the US and abroad, while the dividing lines between foreign films, independent productions and Hollywood studio films are beginning to blur. For the first time in the history of American cinema, Hollywood studios have set up international offices to facilitate local productions filmed in the local language. Similarly, foreign films may be facing a newly kindled interest in the US. While still marginal players in the US distribution and exhibition domains, foreign films have a growing effect on both studio and independent domestic filmmaking, shown by an increasing number of international co-productions and Hollywood studio remakes.
This panel will address questions on the future potential of foreign films in the broader international market, including issues such as international representation and the use of alternative distribution and marketing resources.
The 5th Annual Los Angeles Greek Film Festival (LAGFF) runs from June 9-12 at Laemmle's Sunset 5, located at 8000 W. Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles. Closing night will take place at the Writers Guild Theater at 135 S. Doheny in Beverly Hills.


Tickets can be purchased online via the LAGFF website at beginning Tuesday, May 10, 2011.
Elite Pass Members are $300 online and $350 at the door (includes VIP preferred seating to all films, opening and closing night tickets, and access to all events – industry, panel and seminar).  General film tickets are $12 each.  For more information, including how to purchase Screening Passes, Event information and Elite Passes, please visit

NOTE: All films include English subtitles, except (*) indicates English original language.

About Los Angeles Greek Film Festival
The 5th annual Los Angeles Film Festival showcases new films from Greek filmmakers worldwide to promote and nurture Greek Cinema while bridging the gap between Greek filmmakers and Hollywood. The Festival also offers screenings of film masterworks, seminars on important contemporary film issues, and tributes to significant filmmakers and performers of Greek origin. Orpheus Awards are given to the most outstanding new films in the dramatic, documentary and short film categories.




Storydoc is a training programme with the focus on the development of documentary projects – The Projects wanted should have a strong Mediterranean connection.  The call is open to filmmakers from the Region, other filmmakers with a project that deals with the area as well as to Palestinian and other filmmakers from the region. 20 projects will be selected, plus 5 from Greece and STORYDOC will offer 5 scholarships to the selected projects.

The selected creative documentary projects will be developed through two sessions tutored by experienced documentary directors, commissioning editors, producers, editors and generalists. At the second session pitching will be organized to extra 10-15 commissioning editors and distributors.

The work will be performed in groups and on an individual basis. There will be work on treatments, scripts as well as on visuals (trailers, demos, teasers). Inspirational lectures will be held on several documentary relevant subjects. Main focus is the creative process of developing film projects to secure quality and originality.

The Participants will be documentary professionals and filmmakers (including authors, directors, producers, screenwriters, and consultants) with experience in their local environment, aiming at working on an international level. A strong impact will be put on networking between the participating filmmakers and producers as well as broadcasters. Collaboration will be encouraged between Mediterranean producers from the South and the North.

Between the two sessions the participants will be offered online consultancy from selected tutors.
New Deadline for submission of projects is May 4.
We ask for a two page written presentation of the project (synopsis, treatment, visual style, cv's, status of the project) plus eventual trailer or other kind of visual material connected to the project.

The sessions in 2011:
1st session in Corfu July 11-15. See July 2010: ( .
2nd session in Athens late November 26-30.
-   a special session is planned to take part in Ramallah March 25-27.
Price for participation: 400 euros per one person, 250 euros for the second person per project and for the observers 200 euros  (this includes all lunches and coffee breaks , one dinner per session and special discount for hotel accomodation)

Documentary consultant Tue Steen Muller is the Head of Studies.
Project manager is the broadcaster Kostas Spiropoulos.

The Storydoc Tutor Team: Emma Davie (UK), Mikael Opstrup(EDN/Denmark) Niels Pagh Andersen(Denmark), Iikka Vehkalahti (Finland), Jordi Ambros (Spain), Louise Rosen (USA), Peter Symes (UK), Stan Neumann (France), Madeleine Avramoussis (France), Sanna Salmenkallio (Finland), Kathrin Brinkmann (Germany), Rea Apostolides (Greece), Ann Julienne (France), Illia Papaspirou (Greece), Eva Stefani (Greece), Gena Theodosievska (Fyrom),George Khleifi (Palestine).

Storydoc is organised in collaboration with ERT and EDN.
Projects and queries: STORYDOC,
Att: Chara Lampidou,Event Manager
19, Mithimnis str, 112 57 Athens, Greece
Tel: +30 210 8663963  -Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


{mosimage}The Erich Pommer Institut, Potsdam (Germany), Strategic Partners, Halifax (Canada) and IFP, New York (USA) proudly present a three-module, intensive training and networking Program.

Application deadline is March 22nd, 2011.

TRANS ATLANTIC PARTNERS (TAP) offers a combination of hands-on training with effective networking and targeted project partner search. The program includes participation at Strategic Partners, Canada’s premier international co-production event as well as at IFP’s prestigious Independent Film Week, the oldest and largest forum in the U.S. for the discovery of new projects in development and new voices on the independent scene.

Module 1: June 21st – 26th, 2011 in Berlin
Module 2: September 14th – 19th, 2011 in Halifax
Module 3: September 19th – 22nd, 2011 in New York

Participants benefit by
•    Developing specific skills in international co-production/co-venturing
•    Learning from key professionals from both sides of the Atlantic
•    Receiving up-to-date information on film funds and tax incentives
•    Discovering new international partners and projects
•    Accessing top industry players to discuss their projects in 1-2-1 meetings
•    Participating in excellent networking opportunities

ApplicationTRANS ATLANTIC PARTNERS is designed for independent producers with more than five years of professional experience in the film and television industry and at least one feature film or TV series produced.Applicants with projects attached will be given priority status.Please find the application form and guidelines at Fee€ 1.800 (approx. USD 2.300 / CAD 2.400 - current rate) This Fee includes:1.    Registration fees for Module 1, 2 and 3, Strategic Partners and Independent Film Week2.    Accommodation and meals in Berlin (5 nights), in Halifax (5 nights), and in New York (4 nights)
Supported by MEDIA MUNDUS and Telefilm Canada - Contact: Nadja Radojevic, EPI | This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. | +49 331 7212885

{mosimage}For the third time in 2011, EAVE will organize a workshop for Latin American and European producers in cooperation with BAL and the Festival Internacional de Cine de Gijon supported by MEDIA MUNDUS: The PUENTES Europe-Latin America Producers Workshop.
PUENTES consists of two workshops, workshop 1 taking place in Buenos Aires (Argentina) between April 7-11, 2011 within the framework of the BAFICI (Buenos Aires Festival Internacional de Cine Independiente) and workshop 2 being organized in Gijon (Spain) in November during the Festival Internacional de Cine de Gijon (TBC).

The workshop will enable feature film producers from both continents to work together in two four-day workshops and will offer the 10 selected participants:
-  top level professional and project development,
- work on the comprehensive development of European and Latin American projects,
- cooperation and co-production on these and future projects,
- the creation of in-depth awareness of the audiovisual market and operating conditions, legal frameworks, financing, sales, distribution and exhibition practices in both continents,
- networking between the participants and their companies to create medium and long term co-financing and co-production relationships,
- access to a network of producers, markets, festivals and decision makers in both continents.

Target group: Experienced feature film producers in their own countries wishing to work on an international scale and to create long term creative and business relationships between Europe and Latin America. Interested producers should apply with a feature film project in development stage.European producers applying must be able to demonstrate a clear involvement with Latin America and vice versa. In exceptional cases, we can also consider applications of producers without project. Applications with project will be given priority.Project criteria:- feature-length fiction film (for theatrical release)- projects suitable for an international co-production and looking for co-producers- preferably a minimum of 20% should be in place- projects suggested by European applicants should have a link to Latin America (thematic, cultural, technical) and the producer should be motivated to work with / in Latin America and vice versa- projects suggested by Latin American applicants should have a potential for co-production- producers must have completed at least one film released theatrically in the last 3 years- 1st draft of the script must be available in English for the workshopApplication documents:- completed submission form (available for download on synopsis & treatment (8-10 pages max.)- CV of the producer and the director- profile of the production company- note of intention of the producer & note of intention of the director- motivation letter (1 page)- previous works of the directorScripts are to be sent only on request.All documents have to be sent in English - the working language of the workshop will be English.


The selection will be made by a selection committee and will be published by the end of February, 2011.

If you wish to have further information, please contact:
For applications from Europe: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
For applications from Latin America: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. / / 
{mosimage}BABYLON provides high-level, project-based training and mentorship for film producer/writer-director teams seeking to broaden their access to the international film industry.In a major new initiative funded by the EU’s MEDIA MUNDUS and the NIGERIAN FILM CORPORATION, European and African filmmakers will have the opportunity to work together on script and story development skills, production technique, and access to the international marketplace via the programme’s network of industry consultants which include funders, international sales agents and distributors.The 2011 programme includes:

-      a 5-day intensive development workshop for 15 selected projects May 2011, in Berlin, Germany;  with script consultancy, screenings, case studies and networking forums
-      individual mentoring from Babylon experts during the script rewrite and preparation phase from May to September
-      a 7 to 9 day production lab based at the Nigerian Film Institute in Abuja, which consolidates the script development of each project and gives filmmaking teams the opportunity to workshop scenes from their films or produce promotional short films based on their feature-film material
-      five selected projects will be presented to distributors, sales agents and co-producers at the Berlin International Film Festival in February 2012

Visit now for details on who should apply and how to apply.Deadline for applications: 7th of March 2011