The Greek Film Centre (GFC) will provide 10 scholarships (covering for 100% of the tuition fees) for the Greek filmmakers (producers, production managers, DoP's and post-production managers/supervisors) participation at the Digital Production Challenge (DPC II) that will run from 28 November-1 December in Athens.

The DPC II approach is hands-on, offering participants personalized expertise to overcome the real-time challenges they are encountering on the projects they have brought to the workshop. The workshop offers technical solutions via intriguing case studies, expert panel discussions and group sessions to overcome workflow dilemmas. So even if you don’t attend the workshop with a project, you will leave primed with the skills and tools to manage future workflow. The experts will explain the step-by-step process of decision-making, on set and during post-production, guiding participants in terms of delivery materials and media archiving.

The GFC is not involved in the process of candidate selection and evaluation, for which DPC II is solely responsible.

Application Deadline: November 6, 2018

Application form, here.

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