On August 16, during the 23rd Sarajevo Film Festival, the Greek Film Centre (GFC) and the Film Center Serbia (FCS) signed an agreement regarding the mutual support for distribution of films in the Republic of Greece and the Republic of Servia. The GFC was represented by its General Director, Mrs. Electra Venaki and the FCS by its Director, Mr. Boban Jevtić.


This agreement is an initiative aiming to attract new audience to movie theatres and to make the local cinema of the two countries, as well as Balkan cinema in general, even more recognizable by distributing films not only in the nations’ capital but throughout the countries.


The agreement supports for the distribution for up to 10 films per year for each country, and it also bounds the distributor to screen each film at least 21 times in movie theatres. The two Centres will contribute to the expenses for translation and subtitling of films.

venaki jevtic ypografi symfonias serbia


Greece and Serbia are already cooperating also in film production, as members of the SEE Cinema Network. During the summer filming of the Greek-Serbian co-production Her Job by the Greek director Nikos Labot was wrapped. In the production participate the Greek Homemade Films, the Serbian Sense Production and also the French production company Sister Productions. The film was funded in the framework of the Goethe Institut training programme First Films First.


If the results of this initiative regarding film distribution are deemed successful, the two Centres would like to create respective cooperations also with other countries - members of the SEE Cinema Network.

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