SEE Cinema Network - South Eastern Europe Cinema Network addresses a call to professional film producers who are interested to submit their projects as eligible for funding in the two main programmes of the Network:


1. Projects for funding the Development of feature films co-productions between the member-states of the Network.
2. Projects for funding of Short Films.


The projects submitted to the call must have producers that come from the member-states which participate in SEE Cinema Network.


For the funding of feature films Development, the submitted projects must have a Greek production company as their main producer, and at least another one of the co-producers who participate in the project, must come from another member-state of the Network.


For the funding of Short Films, projects of national production are also eligible, but an emphasis is given to projects that are structured as a co-production between member-states of the Network.


The project dossier should be submitted in the English language and should include: application, C.V., script, synopsis, budget, and any other documentation that may be useful in evaluating the project.


Applications for both programmes, as well as their Rules and Regulations may be found in the Greek Film Centre website (, menu: FUNDING - SEE Cinema Network)


Submissions deadline: September 15, 2017.


The project dossier should be digitally sent to the email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


For more information, all those interested may address to the Executive Secretary of the Network, Mr. Yannis Iliopoulos (tel. +30 210 3678501)


The next meeting of SEE Cinema Network will take place in November 2017, during the Thessaloniki International Film Festival. your social media marketing partner