During the Cannes Film Festival, ACID (Association for the Distribution of Independant Cinema) presents a programme of 9 feature films. This programme is shown at Les Arcades and Studio 13 movie theatres in Cannes.

> Feature films (running time 60 minutes minimum)
> Fiction or documentary
> Screening formats in Cannes: DCP or 35 mm with french and english subtitles
> Films with no previous release in French theatres

For films without a french distributor
> Films produced for cinema  (no television film) 
> Films produced after January 2012

To Submit a film
Regulations as well as submission forms are available on our website : www.lacid.org
Participation in the ACID Cannes 2013 programme implies acceptance of the foregoing rules and regulations.
> Fully complete the submission form and send it by mail in Excel Format to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
> The entry form must also be printed with signature and sent by post with 5 DVDs of the film to the following address : 
14 rue Alexandre Parodi
75010 Paris – France

Deadline for submission and reception of all elements is  Thursday March 28th 2013

ACID Programme in Cannes

Acid is a film directors association that has been promoting the diffusion of independent cinema in movie theatres for 20 years. The founding principle : the support brought by filmmakers to other filmmakers, French or foreign. Every year, ACID presents 9 films in Cannes during the festival. Films are chosen by fifteen ACID film directors. Most of these films do not have a french distributor. The aim is to give visibility and public release to new talents. ACID's support does not stop with the presentation in Cannes. The chosen directors then become members of the association. After Cannes, ACID presents the films to 40 festivals in France and abroad. The ACID Cannes programme is then shown in Paris, in 30 movie theaters in the Parisian area, in region, and internationally. 
ACID also helps the director find a distributor in France, and when one is found, works on the release (promotion / programming / Q&A’s / audience research).  ACID then promotes the film among 200 independant movie theaters. All year long, ACID also organizes Q&As, readings, concerts, in movie theaters and international festivals, in presence either of the film director, the screenplay writer, actors, or the music composer.  ACID is also : partnerships with schools, universities, associations and an audience network throughout the country. 
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