{mosimage}The 6th International Film Festival of Cyprus, one of the most important festivals for emerging artists is here. The 6th edition of the festival is in cooperation with the University of Nicosia and The Friends of Cinema Society. The excitement, the emotion and the passion for the art of cinema come together once again in the most beautiful Mediterranean island. Entries from 98 countries for 10 categories, that exceed the compatibility of the usual festivals, will compete for the "Golden Aphrodite" award. In these categories we meet feature and short length films, animation, films about dance, films for teens and children, anti-war films and visualized poetry giving step in emerging filmmakers in particular. Among those movies two Cypriot feature films make their world premiere at this Festival. "Dinner with my sisters" by Michael Hapeshis and "Paramnesia" by Eleftherios Kakathymis.

Three Greek films compete for the Golden Aphrodite Award:
12/10, 21:15 "The lonesome lobster" by George Bakollas (International premiere)
1/10, 21:00 "Tungsten" by George Georgopoulos
8/10, 21:15 "Salvation" by Jason Tzavelas (International Premiere) - Director's presence

Followed by the Greek short films:

30/09, 20:15 “Resurrection” by Michael Hapeshis - Director's presence
2/10, 11:00 "A letter - A story" (animation) by Aristarchos Papadaniel (International Premiere) – Director's presence
2/10, 11:50 "Struthio" (animation) by Alexis Chaviaras (World premiere) – Director's presence
5/10, 19:45 "The Dog" by Nick Labot
5/12, 20:00 "In two minutes' by Michael Lygkiaris
5/12, 20:05 "7 / 3" by Michael Ligkiaris (World Premiere)
5/10, 20:30 "Double Fault" by Elina Fessa
5/10, 20:45 "Parathyro sto Oniro" by Pantelis Kalantzis (World premiere)
9/10, 11:00 "Beachless" (animation) by Panagiotis Tsibiridou (International premiere)
9/10, 11:05 "Human nature" (animation) by Nassos Vakalis
9/10, 11:50 “Best Present Ever” (animation) by Krystal Georgiou
15/10, 20:15 "Ithaca" by Constantine Papathanasiou (European Premiere)
13/10, 19:10 "De architecrura" by Constantine Stragalinou
12/10 19:00 "Sleeper" by Andreas Anestis
12/10 19:05 "Rewind" by Andreas Anestis
12/10, 19:10 "Remnant" by Thanos Kermitsis
12/10, 19:25 "Troglodytes" by Thanos Kermitsis  - Director's presence
12/10, 19:50 "Someone" by Liza Apostolopoulou (International premiere)
12/10, 20:45 “September” by Agis Paikos -  Director's presence
14/10, 20:10 “The joy to mold you…” by Stavri Kalopetridou - Director's presence
15/10, 21:00 “Just a perfect day” by Evris Papanikolas

Freshness and renewal waves by young artists are meeting the prestige and artistic recognition of this year's jury (CYIFF’s GOT TALENT – first short films). On October 15 at 10:00 to 13:00 at CINE STUDIO will be an open discussion panel with directors, journalists and public.On October 16 at the Pallas CinemaTheatre the multiaward-winning Greek actress Anna Synodinou, Cypriot filmmaker and producer Nicholas Demetriou, award-winning composer Maro Theodorakis, winning Indian producer Vivek Singhania and Van Papadopoulos program coordinator Cannes Classic, are invited to judge this year's contestants and  award the winners. The "Golden Aphrodite" awards ceremony will host the Cypriot actress Olga Vanessa Aristodemou who excels in England and Hollywood. At the ceremony, the audience will have the chance to watch amazing dance performances presented by Stavri Kalopetrides and Fibre Perfroming Arts Company, and also a fascinating music program (gospel, jazz, cinema music) performed by the University of Nicosia chorus, under the conduction of Solon Cladas.  

www.cyprusfilmfestival.org Info: 0035799798112 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Cine Studio, University of Nicosia, Engomi, Nicosia - Cyprus



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