Storydoc is a training programme with the focus on the development of documentary projects – The Projects wanted should have a strong Mediterranean connection.  The call is open to filmmakers from the Region, other filmmakers with a project that deals with the area as well as to Palestinian and other filmmakers from the region. 20 projects will be selected, plus 5 from Greece and STORYDOC will offer 5 scholarships to the selected projects.

The selected creative documentary projects will be developed through two sessions tutored by experienced documentary directors, commissioning editors, producers, editors and generalists. At the second session pitching will be organized to extra 10-15 commissioning editors and distributors.

The work will be performed in groups and on an individual basis. There will be work on treatments, scripts as well as on visuals (trailers, demos, teasers). Inspirational lectures will be held on several documentary relevant subjects. Main focus is the creative process of developing film projects to secure quality and originality.

The Participants will be documentary professionals and filmmakers (including authors, directors, producers, screenwriters, and consultants) with experience in their local environment, aiming at working on an international level. A strong impact will be put on networking between the participating filmmakers and producers as well as broadcasters. Collaboration will be encouraged between Mediterranean producers from the South and the North.

Between the two sessions the participants will be offered online consultancy from selected tutors.
New Deadline for submission of projects is May 4.
We ask for a two page written presentation of the project (synopsis, treatment, visual style, cv's, status of the project) plus eventual trailer or other kind of visual material connected to the project.

The sessions in 2011:
1st session in Corfu July 11-15. See July 2010: ( .
2nd session in Athens late November 26-30.
-   a special session is planned to take part in Ramallah March 25-27.
Price for participation: 400 euros per one person, 250 euros for the second person per project and for the observers 200 euros  (this includes all lunches and coffee breaks , one dinner per session and special discount for hotel accomodation)

Documentary consultant Tue Steen Muller is the Head of Studies.
Project manager is the broadcaster Kostas Spiropoulos.

The Storydoc Tutor Team: Emma Davie (UK), Mikael Opstrup(EDN/Denmark) Niels Pagh Andersen(Denmark), Iikka Vehkalahti (Finland), Jordi Ambros (Spain), Louise Rosen (USA), Peter Symes (UK), Stan Neumann (France), Madeleine Avramoussis (France), Sanna Salmenkallio (Finland), Kathrin Brinkmann (Germany), Rea Apostolides (Greece), Ann Julienne (France), Illia Papaspirou (Greece), Eva Stefani (Greece), Gena Theodosievska (Fyrom),George Khleifi (Palestine).

Storydoc is organised in collaboration with ERT and EDN.
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