{mosimage}TorinoFilmLab launches a new call for participants who wish to take part in a workshop that focuses on the dynamics of developing a pre-selected transmedia project in a team. The project at the centre of this year’s workshop is written and developed by Michel Reilhac and will be presented in more detail to the participants only.

The selected group will be part of a Writer’s Room, working together under the guidance of tutor and story editor Gino Ventriglia and will lab this project through 10 months of development, thereby experimenting the team process, finding ways to work together, and exploring ways on how to best develop a transmedia project. The project, which already has a producer attached, will be developed by the group along with its author, who will participate in the residential sessions. The aim of the group work process is to enrich the project, pre-selected for its quality and value, by developing various aspects of it (events, gaming, film and so on). The group will present the results of their work at the TorinoFilmLab Meeting Event in November.

Who can apply?
This call is international and is aimed at professionals working within cross-media and transmedia, such as story architects, games writers, audience engagement designers, writers (script, TV, journalists etc.) and producers, who have experience within cross-media production. Applicants are encouraged to keep in mind that the Writer’s Room is about the process, about collaborative strategies and immersing oneself in this joint exploration of transmedia project development.

There will be 3 weeklong workshops in March (Sweden), June (France) and November (Italy) 2011 and each workshop will introduce a new guest trainer and a new area of development. In between workshops there will be Skype follow-ups. The Writer’s Room-group will work alongside the 4 script development groups, exchanging experiences along the way and meeting with the rest of the Script&Pitch participants – creating one big group.

How to apply
The deadline for applications is January 30th, 2011.
Up to 5 participants will be selected to take part in the Writer’s Room, preferably coming from different fields of storytelling and with diverse backgrounds, so as to support the teamwork aspects of the workshop.

Participation fees
The course fee for participants from all eligible countries is 1.500 Euro. This amount covers workshop training, on-line sessions, accommodation and subsistence. Participants must pay all travel costs. In many countries bursaries and scholarships are available for this kind of training.

Please find all information on how to apply, scholarships, etc. on our website: http://www.torinofilmlab.it/training.php


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