{mosimage}Admitted to the contest are digital documentary short films (maximum duration: 10 minutes including credits), to show the world which artistic achievements of the last years have strongly influenced the culture of a country.


The films should ideally be a collaboration of film-makers and art historians / artists. This includes also students of the respective fields.

The contest's framework is set by six categories and their disciplines, which represent contemporary or traditional aspects: Acoustic Arts, Performing Arts, Lingual Arts, Visual Arts, Social Arts and Ecological Arts.

Answers to these questions are expected: What do national identity and tradition mean to contemporary art? What makes art fascinating? Which artistic achievements have coined the culture of a country the most in the last years? How can enthusiasm for art be conveyed to an uninvolved audience?

Contest: March 9th – March 13th at the ITB Berlin 2011

The period for submitting the DVDs and registration form is from December 1st, 2010 to January 31st, 2011.

No entry fee. Contest announcement and registration download at: www.delphic.org/english/08projects/dama.htm

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