The Greek Film Centre is a corporation that belongs to the broader public sector is supervised by the Ministry of Culture and subsidized by the state. Its infrastructure, sphere of duty and operation are regulated chiefly by Law 1597/86 «for the protection and development of the art of film and the support of Greek cinema» and by Presidential Decree 113/98. The organization's goals are: «the protection, support and development of the art of film in Greece» and «the promotion, dissemination and promotion of Greek film productions both domestically and internationally.»

To achieve its goals the Greek Film Centre is developing the following activities: It finances film productions and ensures advantageous conditions in which Greek filmmakers can finish their work, it promotes and supports film distribution both domestically and internationally in commercial and parallel circuits, it organizes retrospectives and film weeks abroad, it participates in festivals, organizes seminars aimed at providing professional training, announces and awards scholarships for studies in Greece and abroad and it conducts studies and research as well as issues publications on the history and problems of Greek cinema.

The organization's organs as stipulated by law are its General Meeting, which is convened by decision of the Minister of Culture and is made up of elective and appointed members. There are twelve (12) elective members and seven (7) appointed members who serve a two-year term of office. The General Meeting recommends the general policy governing the GFC's activities and evaluates the results. It also exercises financial control, approves the organization's budget and appoints auditors in accordance with provisions governing corporations. The GFC's board of directors is made up of seven members who serve a four-year term of office. The General Meeting elects four members and three are appointed by the Minister of Culture, including the President and the Vice-president. The President of the GFC is also the company's chairman of the board. The GFC's board of directors makes decisions on all management matters, on the organization's operation and administration and performs all the duties of a corporation's board of directors. The Selection Committee, a new institution created in accordance with provisions set forth in Presidential Decree 113/98 evaluates the applications submitted to the GFC within the framework of its funding programs. The Selection Committee is made of five members who serve a two-year term.

The Greek Film Centre Services that contribute to the evaluation, corroboration and implementation of its film productions are:

  1. The Script Office , which examines the dramaturgical proficiency of the scripts and provides guidance and advice to interested parties.

  2. The Production Office which undertakes to check and corroborate the financial amounts involved and keeps tabs on the development and completion of the productions.

  3. The Legal Services Department which corroborates and checks that all projects are sound from a legal point of view and draws up the relative GFC agreements.

  4. The GFC's Financial Services Department that is responsible for financial transactions that stem from agreements concluded by the organization.

  5. «Hellas Film» the Distribution and Promotion department which is responsible for the commercial promotion and exploitation of Greek film productions.

The largest part of the Greek Film Centre's budget is invested in film production. Particular emphasis is given to supporting the attempts of new filmmakers but in its selections, a special place is reserved for the films of more mature directors who already have a distinguished filmography to their credit. The GFC's average annual production is 15 feature films, 15 shorts and 3-4 documentaries. your social media marketing partner