The Greek Film Centre functions as a public liability company that belongs to the broader public sector, is supervised by the Ministry of Culture and subsidized by the state. Its structure, powers and operation are regulated chiefly by Law 1597/86 “for the protection and development of the art of film and the support of Greek cinema” and by Presidential Decree 113/98. The aims of the Organization are: “the protection, support and development of the art of film in Greece” and “the presentation, promulgation and promotion of Greek films both at home and abroad”.

According to law the Organs of the Organization are its General Assembly, which is convened by decision of the Minister of Culture and consists of elected and appointed members. Twelve (12) members are elected and seven (7) are appointed. The members serve a two-year term of office. The General Assembly introduces the general policy and activities of the GFC and evaluates its results. It exercises financial control, approves the Organization’s budget and appoints the auditors according to the provisions governing public liability companies. The GFC board of directors is made up of seven members and the term of office is four years. Four members are elected by the General Assembly and three appointed by the Minister of Culture, including the President and Vice-president. The President of the GFC is also the organization’s Managing Director.

The GFC board of directors makes decisions on every issue related to management, the operation and administration of the Organization and it exercises the powers of the board of directors of a public liability company. The Evaluations Committee assesses the projects submitted to the GFC within the framework of its funding programs. The Evaluations Committee consists of five members who serve a two-year term of office. your social media marketing partner